Car Roof Box or Hitch Cargo Carrier: which one to choose?

Every motorist often faces a lack of space in the luggage compartment; however, thanks to the efforts of manufacturers, today, this problem is quite simple to solve. On the shelves of stores in abundance, there are car boxes of various sizes and, familiar to many, hitch cargo carrier. The choice is left to the owners of the car. So we’ll focus on the features of each design.


Car roof box

For a car owner who leads an active lifestyle and any other way of traveling both in the city and on the road, prefers to ride in their car, you will definitely need a roof rack.

It is the roof rack that allows drivers to transport small — sized loads on the roof of their vehicles such as a bicycle, equipment for skiing or snowboarding, construction tools, fishing gear, boats and surfboards, garden tools, various accessories for tourism, stairs, ropes, and much more. In short, everything that will not fit in an ordinary car trunk or the car interior. Therefore, we can conclude that the roof rack is a truly irreplaceable thing for both quality leisure and work if your work activity is associated with the use of certain tools.

In everyday life, you can often see the roof rack, which has a streamlined shape and attractive color. It is made of plastic, equipped with a top cover, which allows you to use it all year round. A lock is provided for the safety of things. The box on the roof of the car can have different capacities:

  • small – up to 300 liters;
  • average – from 300 to 500 liters;
  • large – more than 500 liters.

They can also have different dimensions in width and length, so they can be used for transporting non-standard cargo, such as sports equipment.

New roof boxes are made of various types of plastic:

  • hard;
  • soft;
  • ABS – plastic.

The latter is characterized by high strength and reliability. Even if the auto box has slightly larger dimensions than the body, it does not interfere with the control, and the correct installation does not affect the aerodynamics. They are mounted on rails, which must be pre-installed cross arcs.

Interesting facts:

  • When the box is slightly larger than the car, it will not affect the characteristics of the vehicle. Neither the appearance nor the aerodynamics will get worse. Those who say the opposite are mistaken.
  • When using narrow or long auto boxes, gasoline consumption is reduced. When the auto box is installed correctly, the car’s aerodynamic characteristics increase.
  • Car boxes are made of plastic, soft plastic, and more often of special ABS plastic. When using ABS plastic, the consumer gets the reliability and strength of the entire structure.
  • Modern luggage boxes are reliable and durable. Even glass can be transported in them without fear of its transportation. The only condition will be a neat ride and a smooth road.
  • At speeds up to 120 kilometers, the noise level from the trunk will not be noticeable, regardless of whether you buy a cheap or expensive trunk.

Hitch Cargo Carrier

They have been popular for many years and can carry up to 200 kg of goods. However, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the hitch cargo carrier itself (it can have a mass of up to 15 kg) and the maximum load on the hitch of the car. You can get acquainted with the models, as well as read reviews in the post about best hitch mounted cargo carriers.

The cargo basket allows you to expand the possibility of transporting additional baggage significantly; most importantly, it is well secured. You can transport non-standard cargo on a cargo platform – they do not have a front and rear side.

Installation of the basket is carried out to the hitch without the help of additional fasteners.


When buying a cargo carrier, the cost of the device is essential. Modern models of car boxes from well-known manufacturers such as Thule, Yakima have a higher cost than hitch cargo carriers. However, they allow you to transport a larger amount of cargo, regardless of weather conditions.

Hitch cargo carriers have an affordable price, while the luggage should be well-secured, and you need to take precautions if it rains or snows.


  • Buy a hitch cargo carrier in specialized stores. Give preference to well-known brands. The trunk model must pass crash tests and have a warranty of at least three years.
  • In order not to make a mistake with the model, the car that you plan to install the product must be located nearby.
  • Inspect the hitch cargo carrier for defects.
  • A cheap hitch trunk can quickly fail, and an expensive one can become a target for thieves, which requires it to be installed and removed continuously. Find the optimal balance for yourself.

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