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AMES, Iowa – June 2, 2020 -The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) will be setting our FFY 2021 – 2023 Annual Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Goals. In establishing our Annual DBE Goal, we are seeking public participation on our annual goal setting process from minority, women’s and general contractor groups, community organizations, and other officials or organizations which could be expected to have information concerning the availability of disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged businesses, and the effects of discrimination on opportunities for DBEs.

A public meeting has been set to discuss the proposed goal for the Iowa DOT to comply with the federal DBE Annual Goal setting process. Considering COVID-19, the public meeting will be held via teleconference.  at 866-685-1580 Access Code 7152874372.

Date: June 18, 2020
Time: 1 p.m.
Phone number: 866-685-1580
Access code:  7152874372.

The Iowa DOT has followed 49 CFR 26.45 in the calculation of the Annual DBE Goal.  The Iowa DOT proposes an Annual DBE Goal of 6.03%. The methodology used can be viewed on the Iowa DOT, Civil Rights web page at in the Latest News section. Copies can also be requested by e-mail to, by phone: 515-509-8814 or by fax: 515-232-6739.

Written comments will be accepted on the Iowa DOTs proposed FFY 2021- 2023 Annual DBE Goal until July 16, 2020.

Please send your comments by mail to:

Tonnette Harris, JD
Civil Rights Bureau
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa 50010

or by email to


Source: iowa DMV

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