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AMES, Iowa – Jan. 14, 2020 – Today, the Iowa Transportation Commission approved $1,327,655 in total funding for four statewide Iowa’s Transportation Alternatives Program projects. This program supports projects related to trails, Safe Routes to School initiatives, National Scenic Byways, and the preservation or rehabilitation of historic transportation facilities. The Commission awards Transportation Alternatives projects annually that are statewide in nature. Funding is available to cities, counties, school districts, or other eligible organizations through an annual application-based program.

The projects and approved funding amounts are listed below.

  • Iowa Safe Routes to School Partnership (Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments and Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission) -$201,055
  • Manning Safe Routes to School – South Phase I (Manning) – $49,200
  • UNI Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management (University of Northern Iowa and UNI Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management) – $541,400
  • S. 65 Underpass (Bondurant) – $536,000

Additional Transportation Alternatives Program funding is distributed to Iowa’s metropolitan planning organizations and regional planning affiliations for the selection of local projects.



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Source: iowa DMV

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