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AMES, Iowa – June 14, 2019 – The state’s newest park and ride lot located in Jasper County has been completed, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Systems Planning Bureau. The new lot, open to the public free of charge, can be accessed from Iowa 117 near the northbound exit and entrance ramps of Iowa 330. The new lot replaces one that had been in place in the area prior to the reconstruction work.

Joe Drahos, park and ride manager with the Systems Planning Bureau, said, “When planning was being done on U.S. 65 where it splits from Iowa 330, we realized that the location of the existing park and ride lot was no longer feasible. We decided to move it a little further north near the northbound ramps of Iowa 330 where it meets up with Iowa 117. Now the lot is very accessible to the highway for commuters.  Since the new lot was built on property already owned by the Iowa DOT, there was very little cost involved in implementing this feature as a benefit to motorists.”

This Jasper county location is identified on the Iowa DOT’s interactive park and ride system map. Information about other commute options from Iowa DOT park and ride locations can be found quickly online at

Park and ride lots can be used as places to park your vehicle when connecting with car pools, vanpools, and public transit. For information about regional transit service including van pools operated by the Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency (HIRTA), please visit

More information concerning the Iowa DOT’s statewide park and ride efforts is available online at with additional details on the plan at Iowa Park and Ride System Plan.


Contact: Joe Drahos at 515-239-1772, or Garrett Pedersen at 515-239-1520,


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