Department of Transportation | Reminder: Kuhio Highway past Waipa will reopen on June 17 after the full closure of Waikoko Bridge

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Reminder: Kuhio Highway past Waipa will reopen on June 17 after the full closure of Waikoko Bridge

Posted on Jun 14, 2019 in Highways News, Main, News

LIHUE – The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) advises the travelling public that following the completion of the full weekend closure of Waikoko Bridge on Kuhio Highway (Route 560) on Monday, June 17 at 5 a.m., the highway will be opened without restrictions.

Details on the full weekend closure are as follows:

  • Waikoko Bridge will be completely closed for significant construction from 9 p.m. on Friday, June 14 until the morning of Monday, June 17 at approximately 5 a.m.
  • No vehicles will be able to cross the bridge for this entire period (including all-day Saturday, June 15 and all-day Sunday, June 16).
  • First responders will be staged appropriately.
  • There will be secure Park and Ride lots on either side of the closure for local area residents and authorized Transient Vacation Rental (TVR) guests.
  • Shuttles between the Park and Ride lots and the Hanalei Colony Resort will be available for local area residents and authorized TVR guests.

Afternoon/evening access to Kuhio Highway for authorized users will begin at 3 p.m., June 14 to allow residents to make additional preparations for the full weekend closure.

The shuttles will operate from 7 p.m. on Friday, June 14 (two hours before the closure) until the road reopens on the morning of Monday, June 17. The schedule for the shuttles is:


(Operated by Hawaiian Dredging)

SHUTTLE FOR LOCAL AREA RESIDENTS ONLY (Operated by Hanalei Colony Resort)
Waikoko Park & Ride to Wainiha General StoreWainiha General Store & Hanalei Colony Resort to Waikoko Park & RideWaikoko Park & Ride to Wainiha General StoreHanalei Colony Resort to Waikoko Park & Ride
6:30 a.m.6:00 a.m.6:00 a.m.6:30 p.m.
7:30 a.m.7:00 a.m.7:00 a.m.7:30 p.m.
8:30 a.m.8:00 a.m.8:00 a.m.8:30 p.m.
9:30 a.m.9:00 a.m.9:00 a.m.9:30 p.m.
10:30 a.m.10:00 a.m.10:00 a.m.10:30 p.m.
11:30 a.m.11:00 a.m.11:00 a.m.11:30 p.m.
12:30 p.m.12:00 p.m.12:00 p.m.12:30 p.m.
1:00 p.m.1:30 p.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
2:00 p.m.2:30 p.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
3:30 p.m.3:00 p.m.3:00 p.m.3:30 p.m.
4:30 p.m.4:00 p.m.4:00 p.m.4:30 p.m.
5:30 p.m.5:00 p.m.5:00 p.m.5:30 p.m.
6:30 p.m.6:00 p.m.6:00 p.m.6:30 p.m.
7:00 p.m.7:30 p.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
8:30 p.m.8:00 p.m.8:00 p.m.8:30 p.m.
9:30 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:30 p.m.
10:30 p.m.10:00 p.m.10:15 p.m.11:00 p.m.
11:30 p.m.11:00 p.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
12:30 a.m.12:00 a.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
1:30 a.m.1:00 a.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
2:30 a.m.2:00 a.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
3:30 a.m.3:00 a.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
4:30 a.m.4:00 a.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)
5:30 a.m.5:00 a.m.BREAK (HCR only)BREAK (HCR only)

Non-residents planning to access the area after restrictions are lifted are reminded of the following:

  • A “no parking” zone has been established between Haena Place and Kee Beach. Parking along Kuhio Highway in this zone is a violation of Chapter 291C-111 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes and could result in fines of $200 plus an additional $200 surcharge.
  • Access to the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Haena State Park is by reservation. More information is available at or

The second full weekend closure of Kuhio Highway at Waipa Bridge is scheduled for July 12-15. This closure was scheduled to avoid the weekends of the Haena to Hanalei Run and the July 4th Holiday weekend. Wainiha and Haena residents and other authorized placard-holders should retain their placards for access during the full weekend closure in July.

Weekly updates on the Waipa and Waikoko Bridge work are available via newsletter. Anyone may subscribe via this link.


Source: Hawaii DMV

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