5 Reasons to Consider a Restroom Truck for Your Construction Company

5 Reasons to Consider a Restroom Truck for Your Construction Company

In this line of work, there will be more times than you can count when it is virtually impossible to find an easily accessible restroom for the crew. Whether or not the client has a restroom on site, it isn’t always available to the crew. Have you considered a restroom truck along with a porta-potty or two? Here are just five reasons why this would make a solid investment for you.

5 Reasons to Consider a Restroom Truck for Your Construction Company

1. OSHA Standards

In any industry, you will always want to be in compliance with OSHA rules and regulations and restroom facilities are one of the rules many people are not aware of. Did you know that in order to be compliant, you must have restroom facilities easily accessible to your crew? If you expect water or sanitation to be shut off for periods up to and beyond 72 hours, you will need to provide your employees with restroom facilities.

2. Convenience and Accessibility

Even if there is a restroom on the grounds which your workers can access, it might be quite a distance across the property they are working on. A porta-potty and/or a restroom truck provides convenient access throughout the day.

3. Unavailability of a Client Restroom

While this was touched on when OSHA Standards were discussed, it isn’t always that there is no restroom for construction workers. Sometimes a business doesn’t want messy construction crews running in and out of their establishment. This is often the case when restaurants are adding a larger dining room or expanding the kitchen. Unless there is an employee restroom right there in the back of the house, there would be nowhere for construction staff to go.

4. Porta-Potties Save Time

Then there is the fact that porta-potties and a porta potty truck are a huge time-saving benefit. The crew no longer needs to walk clear across the property or go offsite to locate a restroom because you have one right there next to the building. The porta-potty truck is a tank which can be emptied and taken to a disposal site and high-end companies like Satellite Suites have these trucks available in at least three kinds of tanks.

5. Easily Transportable from One Job Site to the Next

One of the most remarkable upgrades to their line of porta-potties is restroom trucks that have showers, sinks, and mirrors. Whether you choose a simple porta-potty or one of the styles with added features, these are easily transported from location to location or even to another site if the need should arise. Sometimes crews work well into the night, which would require having shower facilities on hand so that workers can be refreshed enough to catch a second wind and get right back to it.

Porta-potties have come a long way in recent years and sometimes they are literally indistinguishable from a stationary bathroom in a home! Complete with lighted mirrors on the vanity area and both hot and cold running water, you would never believe that you have stepped into a portable facility if you hadn’t entered it from the outside! If you haven’t considered restroom trucks for your construction company, these five reasons should be enough to convince you just how important they are.

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